About RosaLinda

Author, RosaLinda Diaz

Hi, I'm RosaLinda. I was raised in a particularly magical section of Los Angeles, between the original Disney Hyperion Studios and Snow White’s Cottages.


There were seven thatched cottages next door. They were the inspiration for the Seven Dwarves cottage in Snow White. I thought I saw the evil queen peeking out from her tower window a few times. This start gave my active imagination roots and wings.

I’ve gypsied around Europe, Australia, and Africa—my favorite city is Paris and my favorite country is Spain—so far (I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list). I can definitely geek out over Once Upon a Time (OutlawQueen forever) and would place myself in Beauxbaton in the Harry Potter Universe, or Ravenclaw – I can never decide. I adore old screw-ball comedy movies like Bringing up Baby and modern rom-coms, which is probably why my novels are all infused with humor.