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Author RosaLinda Diaz

Bee Keeping (book 2)

Bee Keeping (book 2)

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If the hardest part is moving on...Poppy’s failing.

Can she find happy, after all?

Poppy did the brave thing by walking away from the married baker—but there’s no gold star for NOT committing adultery—no matter how heartbroken.

Life keeps getting in the way of Poppy’s pity party. Still…she has this nagging feeling that maybe her life isn’t completely over.


Michael has other problems, mainly keeping his mind off Poppy. He’s juggling the bakery, his daughter, and keeping his wife at arm’s length.

Demolishing his life in order to build a new one seems insane. Is she worth it?

Will Poppy and Michael go their separate ways, or will they be keeping each other for better or worse?


If you can relate to the 'it's complicated' relationship status, then you’ll love Bee Keeping.

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This is the second novel in the Bee Stings Series.

It can be read as a standalone, but it's best read in the context of the series.

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