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Author RosaLinda Diaz

Catch the Bride - A First Love, Small Town, Sweet Romantic Comedy (book 4)

Catch the Bride - A First Love, Small Town, Sweet Romantic Comedy (book 4)

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Jade didn’t mean to run away the week of her wedding.

It just...happened.

One minute she was refereeing family drama and the next she was speeding down the road in the dead of night like an escaped convict.

But she wasn’t ready to go back...not yet.

Being a first-year teacher and a bride-to-be left Jade a frazzled shell of her usual bubbly self – which isn’t who she wants to be. Now the school year’s over, the wedding is a week away, and she’s panicking about the reception, the seating chart, and most of all their future together.

It’s not that she doesn’t love Vance, they're high school sweethearts, after all. When she finds a box of mementos Jade’s reminded of what it was like to fall in love. But so many years together have left their once exciting relationship in a rut. Not exactly an enticing preview of married life.

Will her once doting boyfriend, turned distracted fiancé become a distant husband?

With miles between her and wedding responsibilities, Jade’s looking back on their relationship and wondering if their happily ever after isn’t guaranteed after all. The Belles, her three best friends since college, come to the rescue...but are they in time to keep Jade from making the biggest mistake of her life?

Will Jade catch feelings instead of flights or is this bride bound to bolt for good?

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