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Author RosaLinda Diaz

Her Billionaire Hustle (book 2)

Her Billionaire Hustle (book 2)

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She's broke...but he's loaded.

When the hustler gets hustled is it a recipe for romance or ruin?

Corinna, the conniving queen of mean from
His Billionaire Whisperer, is back and her future is in peril.

After being dumped, Corinna returns to Manhattan to lick her wounds, but there is more than her broken heart or wounded pride at stake. She’s on the brink of losing absolutely everything.

When two social climbers land on her doorstep, Corinna seizes the opportunity and hatches the billionaire hustle. The stakes are skyscraper high, and they have exactly thirty days to execute this perfectly, before losing it all.

Can Corinna follow through with her scheme when real hearts are on the line, or will the cost of manipulating reality and romance be too expensive—even for her.

You'll love this retelling of the classic film How to Marry a Millionaire, because it's a whip-smart, sexy, unputdownable good time.

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Heat level 2/5 sweet with heat - closed door intimacy (pg-13 movie rating)

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