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Author RosaLinda Diaz

His Billionaire Whisperer (book 1)

His Billionaire Whisperer (book 1)

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He's clueless…
…but she's a pro.

Can they fake it till he makes it?

In LA, the land of illusions, it’s ironic Brennan has to act the part of a billionaire to be taken seriously. His light-hearted charm worked wonders in Montana, but these slick sophisticates treat him more like a struggling actor than an accomplished developer.

Brennan needs a pro to take on this town.
Is there such a thing as a billionaire coach?

Feisty assistant to the mega-rich, make that former assistant, Brynn, is out on her assets. She shudders at the thought of trading her posh office for a high-rise cubicle farm. When a case of mistaken identity throws her into an unusual business arrangement she’s anxious to jump on such an attractive…offer.

Will she find herself unemployed and possibly broken-hearted after she whips Brennan into billionaire shape?

You'll love this book, because it will keep you glued to the page.

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Heat level 2/5 sweet with heat - closed door intimacy (pg-13 movie rating)

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